The power of twitter – real world example

I’ve only been on twitter for a few weeks (@BFG9000) but already, I’m hooked. It’s a great way to keep up with what’s going on, not only amongst friends, but also with Stephen Fry :-) (or a whole host of other celebrities, news, sport etc.).

Anyway – I wanted to share a real example of how powerful a tool it can be.

We have a link between 3M Select & ChannelAdvisor (formerly marketworks). We use CA as a central order management tool – it makes it easy for us to deal with orders from 3M Select, Amazon & eBay all in one location – it also makes dealing with stock levels really easy (I might write a post about exactly what it is & what it does in the future, but if you need info now –

We discovered an issue with the CA software the other day so I reported it through the usual channels – this was a particularly serious issue, so I flagged it as being very important & asked for some urgency.
Still not being resolved by the time I logged on this morning, I tweeted (or twittered, not sure what generally accepted verb is?) that I was pissed of with ChannelAdvisor. Fast forward a few hours & I got a message from Scot Wingo (@scotwingo) – the CEO of ChannelAdvisor asking what the problem was & if there was anything he could do to apply pressure in the right direction. I told him the situation & from what I can see, it looks like things started happening within a couple of hours. How’s that for a result?

So – A big thanks to Scot!

I can see twitter really taking off over the coming months & think it will be a fantastic business tool.
Another quick example – I saw yesterday that Firebox released a 20% discount code on twitter with a one hour lifespan – no idea of the results, but I can imagine they saw a flurry of activity.

I’m going to do something similar in the coming weeks – release a HUGE discount code onto twitter with a very short life, this should not only bring an influx of sales, but could also be a handy way to test our servers capacity :-). So – follow me on twitter & tweet to your friends that they should too.

My only concern about twitter is that they kill it when they try to monetise it – & they will have to monetise it soon, processing power & bandwidth aren’t cheap & twitter are using a huge amount of both. I only hope it doesn’t end up being plastered with banners.

Anyway – I’d love to hear your own stories of how twitter has made your life easier/quicker/better so please take a second or 2 to post below.



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