Jason Fried : Why You Can’t Work at Work

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    1. RJ Andreoli says:

      BTW, how long were you in the U.S. work force?….Because your thoughts are more dealistic than realistic! The customer is always right so my job requires interruptions or personal interactions, since my work only comes from interuptive moments, it’s a matter of managing your time or having someone set your priorities so there’s no traffic jam for your work load….that is what a manager is for, not setting meetings!

      A good manager won’t allow schedules to consistently go beyond a normal work day…that is to say there are always acceptions to the rule, but flexibility is key in today’s work environment….as well as sometimes doing two jobs in one…otherwise, there’s always someone else overseas competing for your job for less wages! Getting rid of good managers would only cause more difficulities…although, weeding out the ineffective/distructive managers would help!

      If you don’t have work time under control…then get out and do something else with a better schedule for what is truly important in life….THAT is today’s reality, you’ll see, wait until your in the maturity of your career and you’re facing retirement…you’ll find, “work does not make the man, the man makes work work!”

      You’re product appears to be trying to eliminate personal interactions and building on those skills….I believe it’s a reflection of the up coming work generation rather than an improvement. What this will make is sales skills, which seem to be common place now, to be indispensable in the future because technology will have taken the personal touch out of the interactions with customers!

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