iPhone & iPod Touch Screenshots – how to do it

I’m feeling in a helpful mood tonight, so here’s the answer to another question that’s popped up a couple of times recently.

How do I get a screenshot from my iPhone? (or iPod Touch)

It’s really very simple – sort of like the iPhone equivalent of Windows Prt Scrn key.

Just hold down the power button on the top of the iPhone & push the Home button at the bottom of the front – Bingo – it will make a camera shutter noise & save the image as a .png in your Saved Photos folder – which can then be copied to your PC next time you sync or you can email them to yourself.

Here’s mine :-

My iPod Touch

My iPod Touch



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    One comment on “iPhone & iPod Touch Screenshots – how to do it
    1. Lee McCoy says:

      Bloody hell that’s useful. I don’t know why, but it is!

      Er, ah, mmm. ahhh I got it! Proving a top score playing iShoot – probably the best game on the iPhone!

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