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Greetings All,

I know that this has been in testing since 2007 but I’ve been seeing it more & more often recently.

What happens is that you search for a product & when the results are displayed you see the normal adwords ads, but one of them (this can be above the results or on the right hand side) will have a hidden div & the text “Show products from RETAILER for SEARCHTERM” it might look like this (at the top):-

Show products from ...

or like this (on the right):-

Show products from ...

& when expended, they look like this :-

Show products from ...

& this :-

Show products from ...

Now I’m sure you’ll agree that this is quite cool – & if you can ever get any control over it, it could improve conversions. The data is being pulled from a google products account so this will be more something for merchants than affiliates though.

Oh, one final thing, All of the above screenshots are from a search for 32″ tv amazon. Do Tesco (& eBuyer, Dixons, Money Supermarket, Revoo, Nextag etc. really think I want to see their ad when I’ve specified Amazon?

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