Innovera® COMPRESSED GAS DUSTER – Critique

So, here’s a quick critique of this page. I’m going to start with some overriding issues that should be addressed across the whole site & then move onto page specific recommendations.. Continue reading “Innovera® COMPRESSED GAS DUSTER – Critique”

    Swinton Car Insurance – Shady practices or computer error?

    Greetings all,

    As some of you may remember, I wrote a while ago about comparing comparison sites.

    It’s that time of year again, so no surprise that I received a stupidly large (£350) renewal quote – from Swinton, underwritten by Premier Underwriting.

    So I did my normal annual scout around the comparison sites & found a much better deal (£188) – from Swinton, underwritten by Premier Underwriting!??

    I then spotted that I could get £40 cashback if I bought from Swinton via Quidco – so… off I go (on another machine sitting next to this one) & clickthrough from Quidco & start entering my details – I actually kept the £188 quote from Swinton open on this machine & copied every single field of the form identically. Guess what the quote was after clicking through Quidco? £222! What? How cheeky – they upped the premium by £34 to cover the cashback – but wait – what’s that small print? £222 is after the £40 cashback! – So they actually bumped up the premium by £74 when clicking through from Quidco rather than

    Not happy with this at all. To make matters worse – when I tried to actually buy the £188 quote – it was forcing me into monthly payments of £19.60 – & adding a hefty chunk of interest on at the same time. I clicked the ‘modify’ link & changed my preference from monthly to annual & it still insisted on quoting me a monthly premium – which has now risen to £24.16 – although I now see a link that says “Do you want to pay annually?” – clicking this link then presents me with an annual premium of £232.

    So – as I said in the title of this blog post – is this as it seems & Swinton are guilty of Shady practices or is it a genuine error?

    Here are a few screenshots (with personal information blurred). showing an annual premium of £188
    A click through to Swinton & I still see the £188 annual premium
    Here's what I get after keying EXACTLY the same details after clicking through Quidco
    Here's how the £188 quote looks after selecting 'Annual' rather than 'Monthly' - Note that it's still trying to push me into monthly payments - but a link has appeared to switch to Annual
    & when I do click the link to switch to annual payment - the premium jumps up to £232

    Remember that for all of the above quotes – the exact same details have been entered – word for word.

    So – What did I do? I went with the £19.60 per month option & phoned to see if I could pay them the whole year in one go & forego the interest & credit agreement. A really nice lady @ the Farnborough branch of Swinton, said she couldn’t help personally but was confident that her Manager could if I called back on Monday…

      Top 50 Best Selling Books of all time

      Well, not actually all time – but the past 12 years…

      Here’s a list of the top 50 Best Selling books (source : Nielsen).
      The quantity sold is listed along with the RRP.
      I’ve linked the title & the author to the book on Amazon UK.

      How many have you read?

      1Da Vinci Code,TheBrown, Dan4,522,025£7.99
      2Harry Potter and the Philosopher's StoneRowling, J. K.3,844,316£6.99
      3Harry Potter and the Chamber of SecretsRowling, J. K.3,184,492£6.99
      4Angels and DemonsBrown, Dan3,096,850£7.99
      5Harry Potter and the Order of the PhoenixRowling, J. K.3,043,226£16.99
      6Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince:Children's EditionRowling, J. K.2,947,565£16.99
      7Harry Potter and the Deathly HallowsRowling, J. K.2,842,059£17.99
      8Harry Potter and the Prisoner of AzkabanRowling, J. K.2,776,314£6.99
      9TwilightMeyer, Stephenie2,105,862£7.99
      10Harry Potter and the Goblet of FireRowling, J. K.2,057,397£8.99
      11Deception PointBrown, Dan2,018,264£7.99
      12New MoonMeyer, Stephenie1,975,659£7.99
      13Lovely Bones,TheSebold, Alice1,942,042£7.99
      14Digital FortressBrown, Dan1,911,943£7.99
      15Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time,TheHaddon, Mark1,868,969£7.99
      16EclipseMeyer, Stephenie1,846,171£7.99
      17Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,The:Millennium TrilogyLarsson, Stieg1,697,425£7.99
      18Kite Runner,TheHosseini, Khaled1,551,953£7.99
      19Time Traveler's Wife,TheNiffenegger, Audrey1,496,081£7.99
      20World According to Clarkson,TheClarkson, Jeremy1,447,188£7.99
      21AtonementMcEwan, Ian1,396,366£7.99
      22Lost Symbol,TheBrown, Dan1,370,347£18.99
      23Short History of Nearly Everything,ABryson, Bill1,334,635£9.99
      24Breaking DawnMeyer, Stephenie1,315,685£14.99
      25Harry Potter and the Goblet of FireRowling, J. K.1,297,411£17.99
      26Harry Potter and the Deathly HallowsRowling, J. K.1,283,638£17.99
      27Girl Who Played With Fire,The:Millennium TrilogyLarsson, Stieg1,265,474£7.99
      28Child Called It,APelzer, Dave1,116,042£6.99
      29No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency,The:No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency S.McCall Smith, Alexander1,106,219£7.99
      30You are What You Eat:The Plan That Will Change Your LifeMcKeith, Gillian1,103,619£14.99
      31Man and BoyParsons, Tony1,100,447£7.99
      32BirdsongFaulks, Sebastian1,078,571£7.99
      33LabyrinthMosse, Kate1,065,008£7.99
      34Island,TheHislop, Victoria1,056,432£7.99
      35Life of PiMartel, Yann1,050,090£7.99
      36Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution:The No-hunger, Luxurious Weight Loss PAtkins, Robert C.1,046,531£8.99
      37Tales of Beedle the Bard,TheRowling, J. K.1,039,823£6.99
      38Captain Corelli's MandolinDe Bernieres, Louis1,025,664£7.99
      39Delia's How to Cook:(Bk.1) Smith, Delia1,014,854£20.00
      40Gruffalo,TheDonaldson, Julia1,007,208£5.99
      41Eats, Shoots and Leaves:The Zero Tolerance Approach to PunctuationTruss, Lynne995,455£9.99
      42Northern Lights:His Dark MaterialsPullman, Philip976,435£6.99
      43Interpretation of Murder,TheRubenfeld, Jed950,686£7.99
      44Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest,The:Millennium TrilogyLarsson, Stieg942,103£7.99
      45Bridget Jones: The Edge of ReasonFielding, Helen923,429£7.99
      46Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian,ALewycka, Marina904,498£7.99
      47Alchemist,The:A Fable About Following Your DreamCoelho, Paulo903,395£7.99
      48Notes from a Small IslandBryson, Bill898,388£8.99
      49Boy in the Striped Pyjamas,TheBoyne, John885,450£6.99
      50Stupid White Men:...and Other Sorry Excuses for the State of the NatioMoore, Michael877,777£7.99


        Just watching the semi final of the snooker & spotted this on one of the players waistcoats – ” Ron Skinner & Sons

        Now call me a bluff old traditionalist if you will – but this is an invalid URI : http://www.ronskinner&

        Now – it’s obvious to me that they meant to use ” and ” instead of ” & ” – but you’d think that if it’s going to be on national TV then they’d get it right?